A Tribute, To Loved Ones

So here we are at the end of another year. another checkpoint. another look-back-and-give-thanks moment.


A hard and a wonderful year. A year of faith.

This year is one of the most important year in my life. Yes, at the beginning of this year, I have just started my career as a ‘Professional Makeup Artist’ and a blogger. I honestly never thought that I could go this far and be at this certain point of my life, at this very moment. And I cannot thank God enough for that! ❤

I started from zero. I took risks and tried to live in my passion. Not many people believed in what I did but once again, thank God! Thank God for every open doors, for every right persons, and for every right time.

This post is actually a personal thank you note and appreciation to each and every one of you who supports, collaborates, or even just trust me enough through this year.

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