A Tribute, To Loved Ones

So here we are at the end of another year. another checkpoint. another look-back-and-give-thanks moment.


A hard and a wonderful year. A year of faith.

This year is one of the most important year in my life. Yes, at the beginning of this year, I have just started my career as a ‘Professional Makeup Artist’ and a blogger. I honestly never thought that I could go this far and be at this certain point of my life, at this very moment. And I cannot thank God enough for that! ❤

I started from zero. I took risks and tried to live in my passion. Not many people believed in what I did but once again, thank God! Thank God for every open doors, for every right persons, and for every right time.

This post is actually a personal thank you note and appreciation to each and every one of you who supports, collaborates, or even just trust me enough through this year.

So, here we go … 

Thank you

To my parents and grandma for their endless love and supports and prayers. I am so grateful to have you all in my life.

My sisters, Jessica and Juanita, for always believing in me and for being my trial and error makeup models. Haha.


To Bern, for being such a cool B(ro)F(riend).

Stella Ajeng, for cheering me up with your powerful words, cards, stupid conversations, lame jokes, and so on. We’ve been in the same boat through this year and you’re gonna sail away next year, so yeah, I wish you all the luck in the world! And Viny Pricilia for giving me advises about (marriage) life (if you know what I mean! Haha) . And Ursula Florene Sonia for your sweet sweet words and for being my model. Goodluck on your @tokopentoel!

Torisaru catalog team, Triska SarwonoMeiska Apriliana, and Rebekha Adriana for believing me to do all the makeups for torisaru look book photo shoots. You guys are very very very talented and please keep pursuing on your dreams because I know you can make it happen! Thank you for all the fun works we have done together and for being just a chat away whenever I need you.

torisaru 5.JPGtorisaru 6.JPGtorisaru 7.JPG

Astri Ananyasthya, for all the opportunities to work for HET and meet some incredibly talented people in fashion industry (such as Geofanny Tambunan). You know, I would not have been this far if it was not because of you. You were the one who gave me the first chance to make my dream comes true and work in this industry! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!  Oh, and you are gonna be one of the big names in the fashion industry for sure!


Dearest uni darlings, Putera UtamaAgita NalsaliaMarissa Putri, and Paramezwari A. Sugandi, for listening to all my stories, dreams, complaints, and nyinyirness (?) since the very beginning of my journey. I am so grateful to have you guys during and after my uni life.

To Geraldine SupitMichelle ElizabethMarsha Bianti, Yemima Hutapea and your families for all the sweet words. And for trusting me to do your makeup for some of your important occasions.

Hani Satriyo, my hairstylist partner for doing your magic on our clients hair. Thank you for helping me.

To my Makeup Artists Squad, Ruth WoworIcha KarinaShara, and Marcella Novianty, Cresentia Sisy  for giving me opportunities to work with and learn from you guys. You all are very talented and I hope all the success for us.

Fella photographer, Haqi Cahya, for your trust. I am truly honored to have the chance of working with such an amazing photographer like you. Thank you for the opportunities you gave so I can do the makeups for some catalogs and campaigns of Loony Store and Marjories Kidswear. And thank you to Isty NM (Pisang) too for all the fun photoshoots we’ve had.

loony 1.JPG

Andrew Soebroto, another fella photographer, for giving me chances to work with some big names such as Dominique DiyoseLaura MuljadiPaula Verhoeven, and DJ Claudia. Also for all your amazing works.


Melisa Dwhatt, for our collaborations.

Andreas WB, my recent works buddy! Thanks for asking me to collaborate with your team for indiesdept and Needlework catalog and campaign. And yes, also for promoting me to your clients. I am truly honored.

ndlwork 2.JPG

And last but definitely not least, for all of you my readers, my supporters, for those who has not been mentioned, you know who you are and how grateful I am to have you all. Thank you for appreciating my works and words.

So, let’s call it a year. A beginning. A blessing.

Farewell, 2015.



Cheers to the next big things!

Jennifer Hakim


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